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Creating Your Best Life: The Ultimate Life List Guide
Caroline Adams Miller and Dr. Michael B. Frisch. Sterling, $19.95 (288p) ISBN 978-1-4027-6259-8
Life coach Miller collaborates with Frisch, a researcher and clinical psychologist, to create a fascinating book that connects the research on goal-setting with the new science of positive psychology. [Primary author] Miller says, “[H]appiness requires having clear-cut goals in life that give us a sense of purpose and direction…. when we make progress toward attaining goals in one area of life, we raise our overall life satisfaction in other areas because of the ‘spillover’ effect.” Each chapter focuses on ways to increase happiness and self-efficacy, and directs readers to a particular “life list” at the back of the book. These range from “100 Things to Do Before I Die” to a list of mood-boosters that bring “Jolts of Joy” or a “Web of Influence Map,” where readers can chart how the closest people in their lives reflect their values; research indicates that rates of obesity and smoking are determined by who we socialize with. The authors share ingenious tips on reminders (cellphone ring tones, screen savers) that will help readers achieve long-term goals by suggestion. An excellent resource list rounds out the book. (Jan.)

“Caroline Miller brings together positive psychology research and hands-on exercises into a unique mix, a manual for defining one’s life goals and making strides towards achieving them”
—Deepak Chopra

“Lists motivate us and ensure we don’t forget key steps (or people). Caroline’s book will be a classic in goal setting. Try them in your life.”
― Mehmet Oz M.D. vice chair and professor of surgery, New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center, and author of the bestselling series, “YOU: The Owner’s Manual.”

“Caroline’s book not only offers a proven way to accomplish goals, it emphasizes the nurturance of qualities that are essential in that process, including the ability to hang in there when the going gets tough, and the importance of having good friendships along the way.”
—James Brown, award-winning athlete, host of CBS “NFL This Sunday,” and author of Role of a Lifetime: Reflections on Faith, Family, and Significant Living.

“This powerful book brings together the latest scientific research on goal setting and well-being and presents it in an engaging way anyone can follow to create a better life.”
—James Pawelski, PhD, director

“Must-reading for people who want to get more done and lead the lives they want…Coaches take note—your clients’ life lists will benefit from working with you and using the many tools and models incorporated in the book.”
―Judy Feld, Co-founder, Executive and Professional Coaching Program, University of Texas at Dallas Past President, International Coach Federation Author of SmartMatch Alliances.

“Starting with a concise review of literature in the fields of positive psychology and goal setting theory, the book describes “research-tested happiness boosters” and techniques for building self-efficacy. Instead of searching in psychology, economics, and social science, the reader can enjoy various research assembled together into one comprehensive place. This book seamlessly weaves in research on grit, relationships, passion, savoring, self-regulation, positive emotions, strengths, flow, exercise, and values, as they relate to creating an ideal life.”
―Emiliya Zhivotovkaya, MAPP
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There are far too many self-help books out there and in recent years, an abundance of books on happiness. Miller’s book distinguishes itself from the pack. It is nearly impossible to read this book without reflecting on your life goals, what exists in your life that facilitates them, what obstacles get in the way, what successes can you build on from your past, and most interestingly, what occurs on the fringes of conscious awareness that pushes you toward your goals or pulls you away from them. Despite studying and teaching positive psychology for nearly a decade, I found myself scribbling all over the pages. By the time I finished, a list of new life goals emerged, elaborating new meaningful themes to direct my limited time and energy.

I suspect people are skeptical of a book titled “Creating your best life” and they should be. Miller seems to beckon skepticism and in response, does an excellent job of providing the scientific basis for the main points and exercises in every chapter. The reason that this book is compelling is that it has great forward momentum. If you ever read a book written by scientists, you know that smooth prose is the exception not the rule. This book is an easy read (and I mean this as a profound compliment). Guided by ample scientific research, this book provides the necessary tools for someone to immediately improve their quality of life.
―Todd Kashdan, PhD, author of Curious?: Discover the Missing Ingredient to a Fulfilling Life

“Creating Your Best Life: The Ultimate Life List Guide” by Caroline Adams Miller offers science based advice for setting goals, making lists, and sticking to them. Complete with exercises and quizzes that help to identify your own individual needs, this book will open your eyes to a self-discovery that you never knew existed, inspiring you to set the goals that you must to live a more productive and happy life.
―Review from Jasper County Public Library

In my work with athletes, I have found that they are seeking useful information that will guide them in being the best competitors they can be – in the moments they need to be. Caroline’s book is the first to combine research on the science of goals and happiness. Athletes will find that they are able to implement the powerful information into practice and competitive settings allowing them to feel more in-control of their performance levels while also enjoying the process. I have recommended this book to my clients, students, colleagues, friends and family. It’s a must read.
—Dr. Caroline Silby, author of Games Girls Play

Have you ever seriously asked yourself, “What do I need to accomplish my goals and live the life I want?” Caroline’s wonderful book provides simple and substantial answers that will make a positive difference for you every day. Enjoy!
—Marilee Adams, Ph.D. Author, Change Your Questions, Change Your Life,

“Creating Your Best Life” offers a wealth of compelling arguments and concrete strategies for setting goals. I picked up a copy of the book after hearing Caroline Adams Miller speak about positive psychology at New York University. She brings her passion for a science based approach to improving the lives of others and makes the book fun and accessible to her readers. She is a font of knowledge, is up on all the latest research, and is passionate about all things goals and happiness. The book offers invaluable insights into topics such as willpower, risks, and regrets. It’s a lively read, packed with information, statistics, and great stories. Don’t miss this incredibly rich exploration which will help improve your life.
—Nancy Ancowitz, Author of Self-Promotion for Introverts®: The Quiet Guide to Getting Ahead

“THIS IS A PLAYBOOK FOR ACCOMPLISHING YOUR DREAMS. It’s a guide to making whatever you desire happen.

This is one of my favorite all-time books … WARNING – it is a simple book that’s easy to read. But it’s also a book that challenges you to make big changes in your life and think. I think so highly of it that I am buying it and giving it to loved ones because I think that giving it to them is an act of love.”

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